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The Fiedler Brothers Culture

The concept of a workplace culture encompasses many different characteristics of a business. CULTURE is the character and personality of our business. It’s what makes Fiedler Brothers Plumbing UNIQUE.

Culture has visible components in the way that our business looks and how team members dress, but it really thrives in the ATTITUDES of our team, in the setting of GOALS and in the communication of business VALUES to team members and customers.
 There may be no other area that is more important to Fiedler Brothers Plumbing than our Team. TEAM encompasses everything about our business – how work gets done, how relationships get formed, how culture is DEFINED, how celebrations are made, and how our businesses is built.
 It is therefore vital for the survival and GROWTH of Fiedler Brothers Plumbing that we have BEST people on board our team.
As the leaders of Fiedler Brothers Plumbers we are always aiming to CREATE, define and refine a POSITIVE workplace culture.


EXCELLENCEWe aim for greatness. We always go above and beyond to deliver services and products of exceptional quality.

INNOVATION - We are innovative. We embrace the future, and are adaptable to change. We are industry leaders who break down boundaries in search for new solutions. We make an impact.

GROWTH MINDSETWe are expected to grow, both personally and professionally, to reach our highest potential. To grow our business, we need to grow our people.

TEAMWORKWe are team players, valuing contribution. We do whatever it takes to collaborate and connect, working together towards the same common goals.  We show compassion toward each other by giving others room to grow and learn from their mistakes.

DEDICATION - We are completely dedicated to the vision, the mission, and the beliefs of Fiedler Brothers Plumbing. We are honest, reliable and hardworking and get the job done.  We deliver results, are valued and acknowledged.

COMMUNICATION -  We communicate openly with our team and our clients.  We never gossip or bring others down.  Our words are positive and empowering for those around us.

AUTHENTICITYWe pride ourselves on being authentic.  Being real.  What you see is what you get.  We are trustworthy and extremely credible.

SUSTAINABILITY - We are a sustainable company, doing what we can to reduce our carbon footprint and protect our environment for generations to come.

FAMILY SPIRIT - We are one big family. A tribe. We show up and contribute.  Our thoughts and ideas are respected - dreams and goals are supported.  Our personal connections are valued.

GRATITUDEWe are truly grateful for everything in our life. We give compliments to others and show appreciation frequently.

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