Innovative Plumbing Solutions

Todd Fiedler from Fiedler Brothers Plumbing speaking with staff member Andrew Burton on site in Kingaroy. Picture by Paul Harris.

Fiedler Brothers Plumbing is a family owned company in Kingaroy, Queensland,  run by Todd and Renee’ Fiedler.

We are an innovative plumbing business, established to fill a gap in the current local market.  We make it our priority to provide our clients with trusted advice and personalised service.

We hold a strong reputation for cooperation, flexibility, honest and fair dealing with our clients and project co-workers.

We aim to deliver a consistent and impressive results for our clients and achieve this through continued training of our employees.

We have a comprehensive quality assurance and project management system, and we are dedicated to up-skilling with ever-changing industry regulations, technology and codes of practice.

Fiedler Brothers Plumbing has completed a range of commercial, industrial, civil and residential projects throughout Kingaroy and South East Queensland. We have a broad capability and can be engaged for short term maintenance work priced by the hour or longer term fixed price, lump sum quoted project work.

Trusted Advice And Personalised Service

Todd Fiedler from Fiedler Brothers Plumbing on site in Kingaroy. Picture by Paul Harris.