1.Bathtub and Shower Problems?

The most common issues in the bathroom are valve problems, shower head problems, diverter problems. You need to get an expert plumber help to get things fixed.

2.Leak somewhere in the plumbing in my shower/bath?

Drain leaks allow water to sneak around the outside of the drain where it’s connected to the tub or shower. These leaks can stain or destroy the ceiling below or rot floor joists. In the case of a tub set on a concrete slab, the leak will ruin flooring in the bathroom or adjoining rooms.

3.Plumbing in Your Home?

Buying a new home can be stressful and the last thing you need is expensive plumbing repairs as soon as you move in. That’s why we have created this useful Home Buyers Plumbing Checklist infographic to help you in your property purchase. If by chance you have recently purchased a home that requires plumbing repair, be sure to give us a call on 0409 624 572.

4.What is plumbing “Code”?

Plumbing code is a code that provides regulations for the design, installation and inspection of building plumbing and sanitary systems.

5.Choosing the Right Plumber

Selecting the right plumbing company can take the stress and worry out of your repair needs, whether they are large or small. Proper plumbing design is a science. Providing adequate water pressure and keeping various toxins out of your water lines are only two of many concerns a plumber must address when designing a system. Fiedler Brothers Plumbing is Australian-owned, and the #1 providers of safe, reliable and cost-efficient plumbing services in your location

6.Why should I hire a licensed plumber?

A plumbing license is essentially a certificate that a plumber has sufficient education and training – and legal permission – to offer plumbing services in your state. It also means that the plumber is accountable to the regulatory board that issues the license and can be held liable for violating its rules. The licensing body may also require that plumbers prove participation in continuing professional education to remain licensed.

7.How much will the job cost?

Get Fiedler Brothers Plumbing services for best results. Fiedler Brothers Plumbing is Australian-owned, and the #1 providers of safe, reliable and cost-efficient plumbing services. Contact us today for a quote

8.What should I do in the event of a leak or flood?

The water supply system or a wastewater system in a house or other building may have a leak in any of numerous locations, causing dripping out or spillage of the water. We are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week for emergency visits. Fiedler Brothers Plumbing is a professional residential plumbing services provide. Providing fast and effective plumbing installations, repairs, upgrades, and services

9.Are There Any Plumbing Services That I Should Not Attempt on My Own?

Many plumbing works that you’re going to want to try to complete on your own like fixing toilet leak, drain clean but some tasks like fixing water line leaks, gas leaks, cleaning sewers should be completed by experts.

10.The flow of my kitchen’s faucet is less than normal. Why is that?

This problem may due to the blocked pipeline with sand, calcium or other build-up in the aerator, best solution is unscrew the faucet head and clean it if any particles blocking the faucet, if it is not the problem then get an expert plumber help to fix this.