Todd Fiedler from Fiedler Brothers Plumbing speaking with staff member Andrew Burton on site in Kingaroy. Picture by Paul Harris.

We are ready to work no matter whether its repair of industrial plumbing or commercial plumbing or the installation. With our skilled plumbers, and latest tools, we have developed the capabilities and processes to not only satisfy our clients but also to reduce any maintenance costs. We always promise to provide a timely service, fair pricing and personal attention to detail.

We can upgrade building’s equipment, fixtures and fittings or replace if required to optimize the overall performance ensuring optimal performance of your equipment. We handle commercial plumbing works of all sizes. We have trained plumbers, ready to solve any type of plumbing problems that your business or organisation may face. We are always with you when you need us and offer 24 hour emergency services.

Todd Fiedler from Fiedler Brothers Plumbing on site in Kingaroy. Picture by Paul Harris.

Our services include the following:

  1. Installation/Repair Gas Service Lines

  2. Installation/Repair Compressed Air Lines

  3. Installation/Repair Sewer & Drain Lines

  4. Installation/Repair Roof Drains

  5. Hot Water Heater Repair

  6. Complete Interior Gas Line Installations

  7. Installation/Repair Water Service Lines